Our cuisine

We give the significant

You give the significate


Thinly sliced "ricciola" with vegan mayonnaise

Ricciola, milk of soy, oil of seeds, curcuma

Rice pie with smoked scamorza cheese and cured meats

Rice, milk, egg, parmesan, scamorza, yeast, cured meats

Duck livers nougat with glaze of “passito”

Livers, lard, filberts, white chocolate, rum, onion, sage, bay leaf, flour, wafer, sweet wine, glue of fish

Tuscan cold cuts
Rabbit and sausage with olives e pistachios terrine

Rabbit, sausage, smoked bacon, pistachios, olives, cognac, eggs, cream

Asparagus pie with crumble of salty short pastry to the citrus fruit

Asparagus, cream, egg, parmesan, ricotta, butter, flour, ewe’s cheese, lemon, pink pepper

Flower pie (Renaissance recipe)

Fresh cheese, egg, sugar, ginger, butter, milk, pasta brisé

First courses

Home-made pasta with fresh truffle

Flour 00, flour of bran, egg, truffle, butter

Home-made potato spaghetti with squids, olives, capers and tomato

Flour 00, flour of bran, potatoes, eggs, squids, tomato, olives, capers, white wine

Tomato bread soup

Bread, tomato, celery, carrot, onion, garlic, pepper, basil

Ham and melon risotto

Rice, ham, melon, leek, white wine

Home-made laces with spicy sausage and fava beans sauce

Flour 00, flour of bran, egg, spicy sausage, fava bean, pepper, parsley, onion

Home.made pici with bread crumbs

Flour, water, crumbs of bread, garlic, chilli pepper, tomato

Home- made five colors dumplings with cream of ewe’s cheese

Flour, ricotta, egg, parmesan, pumpkin, red beets, spinaches, parsnip, pecorino, nutmeg

Second courses

"Tagliata" with fresh truffle

Beef, truffle

Full flowers of pumpkin with mullets

Flowers of pumpkin, mullets, potatoes, zucchini, flour, bread crumb, eggs, curry

Backed codfish with tomatoes and chick peas

Codfish, leek, tomato, pepper, chick peas

"Tagliata" with "rucola"

Beef, rocket, aromatic extra virgin olive oil

Lamb bites

Lamb, tomato, lemon, dill, cumin, pepper, coriander, nuggest, parsley

Cockerel honey and mustard

Cockerel, garlic, honey, thyme, lemon, mustard

Octopus with mashed potatoes and green sauce

Octopus, balmy vinegar, lemon, garlic, thyme, potatoes, butter, parsley, anchovies, capers, firm egg

Suckling pig sous-vide

Suckling pig, rosemary, garlic, laurel


Roast potatoes

Potatoes, sage, rosemary, garlic

Chick-peas dressed with olive oil

Boiled chick peas

Vegetable sauté

Courgettes, celeriac, leaf cabbage, Swiss chard, leek, carrot, red cabbage, head cabbage


Eggplants, peppers, tomatoes, olives, vinegar, sugar

Baked Jerusalem artichokes


Salty caramel mousse with wafer to the licorice

Sugar, licorice, butter, salt, whipped cream, cornstarch

“Cantucci” parfait

Whipped cream, clear of egg, cream of filberts flour, egg, almonds, butter, ammonium’s bicarbonate


Farina00, eggs, yeast, butter, chocolate, whipped cream

Tuscan "Cantucci" with Vinsanto

Flour, eggs, almonds, butter, ammonium’s bicarbonate

Cheese cake to the pistachios

Biscuit, pistachios cream, cheese, cream

Butter milk curd mousse with orange caramel pudding

Bovine ricotta, sugar, orange

Coconut and white chocolate

Short pastry, white chocolate, coconut, eggs, cream