As the language also the culinary art can be seen as a means to communicate. He who eats satisfy the palate and the mind, but at the same time he receives the message of who prepared the dish, the food also encourages dialogue with other people.

The food is a natural need shared by all living beings and the becomes a cultural event, it is crucial in semiosis culinary.

Each semiotics has characteristic features: the signs that reproduce within a code, in our case is culinary. These signs are double sided: they have a significant and a significance not connected to any natural law.

The significant is the word in the language, is the acoustic-visual image of it; in the culinary art it is the dish, with its image as well as visual, gustatory and olfactory, in both beyond its meaning.

The significance is arbitrary, it is the sense of concept, both in speech and in dish.

In the kitchen, the sense is combination of flavours, from the story that gives it, has a flat semantics structures that are part of the communication processes.

Cooking is a work of mediation: from natural data is obtained more, with opposition can detect the typical character of each kitchen and then their cultural traits.